Seller’s Checklist

Before the Home Inspection*


Before the inspection, complete the suggested tasks for a smoother transaction:



       All exterior doors should be accessible

       All door locks should be operable

       Remove debris from gutters/downspouts

       Trim shrubs away from the foundation




       All interior areas should be accessible

       Crawl Space access should be clear

       Remove belongings from utility rooms used for storage

       Attic should be accessible.  Make sue the stairs can be pulled down without endangering belongings/people below

       Remove personal belongings in closets




       Electrical panel needs to be accessible to the inspector.  Remove anything blocking the panel for easier access

       To avoid a red flag, ensure the electrical panel as an inspection sticker

       Remove “creative wiring” such as extension cords used in attic, interior and exterior




       Fix any leaks before the inspector arrives or let the inspector know.  Otherwise, testing the plumbing could result in a very wet mess


Heating and Air Conditioning


       Install a clean filter

       Consider having the unit cleaned and services especially if it’s been a while

       Maintain all repair invoices




       Especially if has been a while, consider having it cleaned by a chimney-sweep before the inspection




       It’s best that pets be removed from the premises during the inspection.  Keep in mind that the inspector needs access to the entire home, so the garage and the backyard are not a good idea!




       All utilities on (Electricity, Gas, Water and all Pilots lit) so the inspector won’t need to return to finish

       Replace any burnt out light bulbs




       Remove wood, debris or stored items away from the foundation.

*Information provided by U.S. Inspect, 1-888-874-6773.